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Equipment: Reverse Osmosis

Removal of dissolved solids from water by Reverse Osmosis can produce water of similar purity to that produced by ion-exchange technology without having to use hazardous chemicals. Reverse osmosis treatment involves passing water through a series of ultra fine membranes which essentially only allow pure water (the permeate) through the membranes.

The water impurities which are filtered out on the other side make up what is called the concentrate and depending on the quality of this concentrate it too can be used as a source of make-up water throughout the site as it will already have been softened.

Reverse Osmosis water is used for:

  • High pressure steam boiler feed
  • CHP plants
  • High pressure hot water boilers
  • Rinse water for printed circuit boards
  • Rinse water for electronics manufacture
  • Laboratory water
  • Haemodialysis
  • Rinse water for electro-plating
  • Rinsing of metal parts prior to painting
  • Thinning of water based lubricants
  • Paint manufacture
  • Pharmaceuticals
  • Battery manufacture
  • Process water for chemicals
  • Glass window manufacture
  • Water used for window cleaning

In order to select the correct model for a particular application, several related factors need to be taken into consideration.
The most important of these are as follows:

  • Daily usage of treated water
  • Quality of water required
  • Quantity of water at peak flow rates
  • Is a continuous supply of water required to service
  • Inlet water pressure
  • Chemical composition of the raw water to be treated
  • Is a raw water and / or treated water tank required  
  • Method of distribution of the treated water to the point of use

Standard Models:

Standard models can accomodate flow rates from 8000 litres per day up to 360,000 litres per day. The quality of water form an R.O. plant would typically be 10 microsiemens but the quality can be improved to less than 1 microsiemen by alteration of the system design. An R.O. plant must be supplied with softened water to prevent scale formation and de-chlorinated water to prevent oxidation of the membrane by chlorine. These items are not supplied as standard.

Packaged Models:

A complete treatment plant consisting of water softeners, carbon filtration, sediment filtration and water storage. The complete package can be built as a skid mounted unit to reduce installation time.

Other Reverse Osmosis options available to meet specific requirements.
Please contact our Engineering Department for details.

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