Wednesday, January 29, 2020
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Environmental Policy

As Ireland’s largest independent water treatment company AquaChem will operate at all times so as to reduce environmental risks while increasing environmental benefits associated with the use of water for commercial and industrial processes. All products and services provided by AquaChem will be undertaken in a way that will minimise their environmental impact.
AquaChem have in place systems and procedures that will ensure the following:

  • Safe storage, handling, distribution and dosing procedures for all chemicals supplied
  • Full compliance with Irish and EU transport regulations
  • The options of chemical and non-chemical programmes are investigated for each site and system
  • Treatment programmes are designed so as to minimise water, energy and chemical usage
  • We investigate and develop new technologies with an emphasis on protecting the environment. 


AquaChem designs and operates treatment programmes with the objectives of:

  • Reducing water and energy usage
  • Improving water quality
  • Re-cycling as much water as possible
  • Minimising environmental effects of treatment chemicals
  • Improving health and safety at customers sites


Properly applied water treatment is designed to benefit the environment. AquaChem works with customers to help them to improve their compliance by reducing the environmental impacts from their processes due to implementing effective water treatment programmes.

AquaChem works in partnership with customers to help them to efficient energy and water management programmes to maintain and improve their processes while conserving water, energy and protecting their equipment and systems.

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