Wednesday, January 29, 2020
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Chemicals: Closed Circuit Chemicals

AquaChem's extensive range of technically advanced closed circuit water treatment chemicals have been developed for use with a wide range of chilled water, closed cooling and heating systems ranging from low  to pressure systems. Treatment chemicals are designed to protect multi-metal systems including those containing aluminium which is an amphoteric metal which means that it can corrode under high and low pH’s. Our quality chemicals will prevent the problems associated with this type of plant such as scale, corrosion, sludge formation and microbiological fouling to ensure that each system operates at maximum efficiency, extend the life while reducing maintenance costs

The range also includes pre-commission cleaning chemicals for closed systems with built-in corrosion inhibitors to protect the systems from corrosion during cleaning. The cleaning of newly installed or refurbished systems before they go on line is essential to the equipment used being which is susceptible to blockages at strainers, control valves and small bore heat exchangers.

System contaminants such as millscale, jointing compounds, oil, grease and fabricating debris need to removed by chemical cleaning and high velocity flushing, which will then allow a water treatment regime to function correctly and prevent corrosion and microbiological fouling. Older systems that have accumulated deposits due to lack of the correct water treatment can be cleaned by a similar method.

The quality water treatment products together with the on-site technical service provided by AquaChem focus on improving the operational efficiency of commercial and industrial heating boiler plant and chilled water systems.

The range of chemical treatments includes:

  • scale and corrosion inhibitors
  • pre commission cleaners
  • flushing chemicals
  • biocides
  • antifoams
  • on-line descalers

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