Wednesday, January 29, 2020
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Chemicals: Boiler Water Products

AquaChem provides an extensive range of advanced steam boiler treatment programmes which have been developed for use with all types of systems ranging from low, medium and high pressure systems. These products prevent scale, oxygen and condensate line corrosion, sludge formation and foaming. They also help customers to operate their plants at maximum efficiency while reducing maintenance costs. Quality boiler water products together with on-site technical services provided byAquaChemensures improved operating efficiency of all steam boiler plant. This is achieved by:


  • Maximising the amount of condensate returned
  • Protecting the boilers from scale and corrosion
  • Protecting condensate systems from corrosion
  • Eliminating carryover of solids
  • Ensuring maximum feed or de-aerator tempertures
  • Planned monitoring and control of treatment levels
  • Extending equipment life, saving on repairs and replacements                                    

The full range of chemical treatments includes oxygen scavengers, scale and corrosion inhibitors, sludge control agents, condensate line treatments, alkalinity builders and antifoams .

Dosing of Boiler Water Chemicals:

Water treatment chemicals should be dosed automatically using precise chemical pumps which are controlled by equipment that will give the correct amount of chemical for the application. There are several methods of achieving this such as linking the dosing pumps to an impulse water meter, to a steam meter giving a 4 to 20 milliamp signal or to the operation of boiler feed pumps so that the dosing is proportional to the amount of steam being generated by the boilers. Chemicals can be dosed direct from bunded tanks or containers with either manual or remote automatic chemical stock replacement.

Heating Boiler Systems A full range of Closed System Treatments for low, medium and high pressure hot water boilers and chilled water systems is also available.Dosing systems available include manual systems using Pot Feeders, semi-automatic systems using Dosing Pumps controlled by timers or linked to system pressurisation units. Fully automatic monitoring and top-up dosing systems is available using the ChemTech® 2000 systems.

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